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Henry Ford of Ford Automobiles

Henry Ford of Ford Automobiles

One of the most well known brands in the car industry today is Ford. Whether you are a fan of the Ford Mustang, or F150 truck, the Ford vehicles we know and love can be traced to the man we know as Henry Ford.


Born in the year 1863, Henry Ford grew up to become an American industrialist in his adulthood, and a founder of the well-known Ford Motor Company. The first automobile that Henry invented was one that was made to be easily afforded by the American middle class, and in inventing this automobile (called the Model T automobile), Mister Ford revolutionized not only transportation in the United States, but American industry as we know it.

Henry Ford had a vision that included the whole globe, and the term “Fordism” can be accredited to him. This term embodied inexpensive goods mass produced while simultaneously providing high wages for the workers who helped with production. When Henry Ford died, he arranged to leave his vast wealth (based on data collected in 2008, this wealth was 188.1 billion dollars) to the Ford Foundation, and it was also arranged that his family would be in control of the Ford company indefinitely.

In the year 1888, Henry married a woman named Clara. Five years later, they saw the birth of their son Edsel. During this time, Henry worked to support himself and his family by farming, and working at a sawmill that he also ran. In the year 1891, Henry began working as an engineer for the Edison Illuminating Company. Later in life, he was introduced to Thomas Edison himself. Upon meeting, Edison approved the experimentation that Ford wanted to do with automobiles.

The Ford Motor Company was established in the year 1903, and the Model T was introduced five years later. It was created with the steering wheel on the left, which was a feature that other companies soon copied. This vehicle was inexpensive to buy, and inexpensive to repair as well. This vehicle helped to put Ford on the map, and soon the majority of American motorists were enjoying the benefits of this car.

What kind of man was Henry Ford? He was a man who cared about the American people, and wanted to bring his vision to the table while helping those who wanted to enjoy driving do so like never before. Today, his legacy lives on. So the next time you drive that Mustang, remember how it was only possible because of the work of Henry Ford.